Or wmeyes, which I prefer (but the original author doesn't). It doesn't matter a lot; they both should be pronounced the same way. wmeyes is actually not something I wrote, it's just something I hacked so that it would build under Solaris. If you want the pure unmodified source, you should check out, which is where I got it originally. Actually, that's a lie. Bryan Feir seems to have moved on from there, so you'll have to get it from here.

Irrelevant news flash! Apparently wmeyes is in FreeBSD ports, and has been since March 18th, 1999.

wmeyes is written in straight C and should build on any UNIX and run under any window manager, although if your window manager doesn't have a dock, you should really think pretty hard about using XEyes instead. wmeyes does require that the XPM library be installed.

You can download wmeyes in a multitude of ways.

As near as I can tell, Bryan Feir released wmeyes without a license, but since he seems to have incorporated some X Consortium code, I'm pretty sure this code ought to be covered by the same LICENSE (just over 1K). By downloading wmeyes, you agree to respect the license. Especially the section in all caps. [This license can also be found at]

The README (weighing in at 3.5K) is here, too, just so that you can see what you're getting into.

If you run into problems or you have suggestions, pop me some email; my email address is bstern at this domain (leave off the "www." for savings).


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