Bigger groupings mean fewer items, but more powerful ones; smaller groupings mean more, but less powerful. Paizo’s advice is to make as a big a group as possible: an encounter of four CR 9 frost giants, each with a CR 5 winter wolf, is either a CR 13 humanoid encounter & a CR 9 magical beast encounter, or a single humanoid encounter of CR 13 or 14.

In general, “Coins” should not be selected; the generator will fill in any remainder with coins after more interesting treasure has been assigned.

Values in «angle quotes» refer to treasure types and values, as described in Ultimate Equipment or the GameMastery Guide. If you don’t like a generated hoard, you can use the treasure information provided and the tables in the book to make a new one, or you can regenerate the whole thing by pressing the “Generate” button again. Most items have their approximate value in parenthesis after their name.

Each bulleted item is part of the treasure. When a bullet contains the text OR, it means choose one group or the other, not use both.

If the “Approximate Retail Value” below reads “0 gp” then you need to press the “Next” button above.

The generator will avoid attributes forbidden by the rules, but when you are offered a choice, you should check the property descriptions to make sure the item you choose does not break the rules.

Magic Armor & Weapon Notes: * indicates that a magic weapon sheds light; ° indicates that something, such as a design, an inscription, or the like, provides a clue to a weapon’s extraordinary function; † indicates that the item is storing a single spell of up to 3rd level with a range of touch.

A staff can hold spells of any level, and the minimum caster level of a staff is 8th.

Magic properties, such as keen, are lightly underlined, so that you can tell where one property stops and another starts.

Approximate Retail Value: 0 gp

This generator is based upon the Paizo PRD as of 8/17/2017, but includes the errata from Ultimate Equipment released on 5/19/2016, which renames some items and corrects some prices.

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