Or coldspot, if you prefer. It doesn't matter a lot; they both sound the same. ColdSpot is a silly little program I wrote to help me get started on Xt programming. I presumably went about doing everything in as difficult a way as possible, but that's how you learn. Or something.

Latest Changes: ColdSpot now stops interfering with window managers that aggressively unmap windows. This includes IceWM - if you've been having problems with virtual desktops and ColdSpot, give this version a try. Older information can be found in the ChangeLog.

I bet you're asking "But what does it do?" Actually, you're probably asking "Why am I reading this trash?" Either way, the entire purpose is so that I can have a fairly easy way to lock my workstation when I step away from it without all of that difficult typing and stuff. One moves the mouse into the window, and if ColdSpot has focus for more than a second (a second is a long time), it locks the screen.

I actually wrote this in response to a question in Jamie Zawinksi's XScreenSaver FAQ #23. Apparently he gets asked whether or not there's a way to do what this program does from inside XScreenSaver, and he said basically that he doesn't wanna write it but someone else could. I did.

Since every X program seems to need screenshots, the gratuitious image on the right is of ColdSpot under Window Maker. Yes, the focused window is ColdSpot - I'm pointing at the titlebar because otherwise it might try to lock for me as a free gift. The 50x50 pixel area underneath the titlebar that looks just like the desktop is ColdSpot. I promise. If you want an fairly big, not very interesting shot of that desktop, it is 480 kilobytes or so at 1280x1024.

ColdSpot is written in straight Xt and should build on any system that has a reasonably recent X. R4 is probably able to deal with it; I use it under Solaris (with X11R6) and have tested it under Linux with X11R6.1 or something.

You can download ColdSpot as either an 16K source tarball: coldspot-1.1.1-noconf.tar.gz or as a 40K (eek) source tarball: coldspot-1.1.1.tar.gz - the difference is that the larger file uses GNU Autoconf and ./configure is a totally viable way of building it. The small file has the same slam-basic Makefile as 1.0.0 did (but the same source code improvements as 1.1.1). You can also get the older source tarballs:

(I have no idea why you would want to find out, but if for some reason the new ColdSpot fails and an old one works, I'd be most interested in hearing about it.)

If you run into problems, double-check the README. If your problem still isn't answered, pop me some email; my email address is bstern at this domain (leave off the "www." for savings).


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